About Me

 Born and raised in Southern California, not only does my diet consist of lots of sushi and Mexican food, but I also love to be out in the sun. Oftentimes this means taking a hike on one of the several beautiful Californian trails, kayaking, camping, or just having a beer outdoors with friends.

I am a daughter of Mexican immigrants and a first-generation college student. I lived in Austin (hook 'em!) for 5 years and recently moved to sunny Los Angeles, California in Fall of 2018. I live here with my partner Steven (also a Southern Californian who shares in the love of sushi and the sun), and our Siamese cat, Mia. 

COVID-19 Update: I have joined the bandwagon (darn that FOMO) and am baking sourdough bread using a starter.....boy oh boy do I have a new appreciation for bakers! This is no easy feat!
Steven and I are both working from home so, to balance the extra time we have together
, we also make sure to do at least one 'our own thing' per day. We are also happy to say that he and I, and both of our families are still healthy and well.

Mia is not loving quarantine and misses having the apartment all to herself.

June 2020: Check out my faculty spotlight

on the SRCD Latinx Caucus website


Dolly P. Rojo

Department of Psychology

Mount Saint Mary's University

12001 Chalon Road

Los Angeles, CA 90049