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About Me

Born and raised in Southern California, not only does my diet consist of lots of sushi and Mexican food, but I also love to be out in the sun. Oftentimes this means taking a hike on one of the several beautiful Californian trails, kayaking, camping, or just having a beer outdoors with friends.

I am a daughter of Mexican immigrants and a first-generation college student. I received my bachelor's degree from the University of California in San Diego, where I first fell in love with the idea of being a university professor. I also lived in Austin (hook 'em!) for 5 years before moving to Los Angeles, California in Fall of 2018. I live here with my partner, Steven (also a Southern Californian who shares in the love of sushi and the sun), our son, Noah (born New Year's Day, 2021), and our Siamese cat, Mia. 

What faculty in my department are saying about me (based on an anonymous "snap jar" submissions) <--anonymous comments from fellow faculty in the psychology department at MSMU :) :

Dolly … 

  • cares so much about students and works so hard to support them 

  • has great ideas 

  • is always professional and able to still have fun 

  • is kind and is good at examining issues from different perspectives 

  • is not shy to ask questions or voice concerns 

  • is so direct and really independent 


What I think of when I think of Dolly … 

  • advocacy 

  • boundless cheerfulness and positive view of life 

  • coming in to the department with such enthusiasm for understanding our students and better helping them 

  • determination  

  • energy 

  • thoughtfulness and willingness to get involved 

  • work ethic and sense of humor 

June 2020: Check out my faculty spotlight

on the SRCD Latinx Caucus website

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