My Research

In May 2018 I received my Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin, in Developmental Psychology. While at UT, I ran my studies in the Language Development Lab. I am now the primary investigator of the The Little Athenians Lab in the Psychology department at Mount Saint Mary's University, in Los Angeles.

My research interests lie in the field of bilingual language development.  Some of my research questions are about children's acquisition of a second language and more recently, about the intersection between children's self-identity, and how newly learned languages become integrated into those identities.

In a separate research branch, I am also curious about how college instructor's form of address (e.g., "Dr." "Mrs." "Professor") impacts their classroom culture. This is a new area of research for me, but one that my research team and I have seen some really neat findings for! Check out The Little Athenians Lab research tab, on this website, to learn more!

If you are a student at MSMU, please consider joining my lab! I am always looking for highly-motivated students to help me in my research projects.

See the The Little Athenians Lab  tab for more info and check out our Fall 2020 Newsletter!

Photos of some of my past conference presentations:

Boston University Conference on Language Development 2015
Boston, MA
SRCD Bienniel Conference 2017
Austin, TX
Cognition and Development Society (CDS) Annual Conference 2017
Portland, OR
International Symposium on Bilingualism (ISB) 2017
Limerick, Ireland

Memories from my lab in Austin, TX:

"Story Study" Undergraduate Research Team
Austin, TX
Spring 2018
(from left: me, Sara Riesner, Zeba Bemat,
Elizabeth Samreth & Andie Caster)
Andie Caster and I graduating May 2018
(B.A. and Ph.D., respectively)
UT Austin

Dolly P. Rojo

Department of Psychology

Mount Saint Mary's University

12001 Chalon Road

Los Angeles, CA 90049