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Teaching & Mentorship

Teaching and mentoring are strong passions of mine. I am dedicated to the inclusion of underrepresented students in higher education. As a first-generation woman of color who encountered many struggles throughout formal education, I feel empowered to guide other students who may currently be struggling with similar issues, and to bring them into the higher education pipeline. I currently mentor and advise students at Mount Saint Mary's University in Los Angeles, where the student body consists predominantly of first-generation, Latina women, in my role as primary investigator in the Little Athenians lab, and academic advisor to 35 undergraduate students. 


In all of my courses I enable students to develop critical thinking and self-awareness skills by discussing both empirical and mainstream literature and by incorporating hands-on, self-reflection activities. A particular goal of mine is also to improve student's writing skills; I incorporate writing workshops and writing assignments of various forms into all of my courses. 

Please see my Teaching Vitae for a list of the courses I've taught. ​

Advising and Mentoring

At Mount Saint Mary's University, I advise 25 psychology-major, and 10 psychology-minor students per semester. I guide these students in their course- and career-planning. My focus is in helping students to make long-term career plans that they feel passionate about, and to connect them with other professionals to gather the most comprehensive information so that they may make their career-planning decisions. 

In my role as the principal investigator of the Little Athenians Lab at Mount Saint Mary's, I also supervise undergraduate students as they design their own research projects and encourage them to present their findings at national and international conferences. I spend many hours with these research students, both as a team and independently, to design, analyze, and organize presentations about research studies that THEY have created. I strive to expose these, and other students to the ways that research can impact their own careers, the field of psychology, and the world at large. 

Finally, up until recently (October 2021) I was also the faculty supervisor for the Student Psychology Club, at the Chalon campus of MSMU. At least twice per year I hosted a club event in which we talked about life after graduation, for students interested in pursuing a career in psychology. Topics of these conversations have included prepping for the GRE, career paths, asking for letters of recommendation, the differences between Ph.D., Psy.D., and Master's degree programs, and more. 

"Dolly assisted every student and appropriately attended to specific needs of each ... she conveyed lessons in ways applicable to all students. She was clear, concise, and eager to teach"

          -Student in Introduction      to Child Psychology

at UT Austin

"Dr. Rojo was very clear about her expectations and was always willing to give great feedback. She truly cares about her students and provided support ... This meant a lot to me, considering I had a very tough time being back home due to COVID-19 and keeping up with assignments."            

-Student in Research Methods course at MSMU

"This course is highly interesting and Dr. Rojo's teaching style is effectively engaging during lecture as she adds in varieties of activities for class participation and applies each subject matter to real-life situations."            

                 - Student in                                      Intro. to Psychology at MSMU

" I enjoyed the fact that you give the students many opportunities to ask questions during your lecture. You take the time to make sure that the students understand the topics in your lectures. "            

                 - Student in                                  Child Development course at MSMU


Psychology Conference Event Fall 2022

My Research methods students showcase their posters to friends, family, and faculty


(from left: Melanie Guth, me (Dolly Rojo), Leah Lara, Kathleen Fadrigon, me, Leah Hymovitz, Kaylah Gutierrez, Melissa Garibay, me, Kandace Chavez, Mariana Duarte, and Alexis Bryant


(from left: Citlali Otero, Michelle Cortes, me, me, Esmeralda Jimenez, Jessica Alvarez, Tatyana Igidbashian, Daniela Duarte, Kandace Chavez, me, and Mariana Duarte


Intro. to Psychology (PSY 1) students on our last day of class:


Fall 2021

(from left: Rachel Cabero, Victoria Montano Rodriguez, me, and Veronica DelaRosa)

Psychology Conference Event Spring 2019

My Research methods students showcase their posters to friends, family, and faculty


(from left: Christina Curiel, Christine Alag, Bianca Carillo, Vivan Boyer, me, me, Stephanie Quiroga, Deanna Torres, Melissa Contreras, Diana Calderon)

Psychology Conference Event Fall 2018

My Research methods students showcase their posters to friends, family, and faculty


Fall 2018
(from left: Lacey Gallagher, me, Leslee Perez, Karen Lazo, Emily Vallin, Presyla Ruelas , Anaruth Alfaro , me, me, Jazmin Torres, Nicole Caballa, Carin Mangassarian)

Photos of Child Development (PSY 13) students creating interactive "Busy Books" for class project:


Spring 2020

From left to right: Andrea Bernal, Mariafernanda Maclas-Florez, Iliana Sanchez, Olivia Velarde Madriles, Amy Hernandez, Lauren Moore, Michelle Lopez, and Yasmin Velez

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