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Interested in joining the Little Athenians Lab as a research assistant?

I am always looking for help on our ongoing projects (see here for more info on our current research studies), or to begin a whole new research project!


I require that all applicants complete the PSY 40 Statistics (or equivalent) course, and strongly recommend taking the PSY 106 and 106L courses before joining the Little Athenians Lab. I am usually looking for students who are willing to commit to at least 2 consecutive semesters in the lab (but will consider a commitment of 1, for graduating seniors), and because much of the work that we will be doing is self-lead, I am also looking for students who are reliable, intrinsically motivated, and have strong time-management skills. We may be designing a new research study "from scratch," reading research articles, submitting IRB applications, recruiting human participants for data collection, analyzing data (using R and/or SPSS), and/or preparing poster or oral presentations for local, regional, or international conferences. A lot of this work we do independently, so it's important that you budget your time (and all of your responsibilities in and outside of the lab) well, and that you feel comfortable working on your own (but of course, I'm always here to guide you on all aspects of research) :) 

Because we usually have several research projects happening at one time, I will ask that you choose one project-team to join (based on your own preference, passions, and goals) to help you focus your efforts. I meet with teams two times per month to discuss the status of our research and "next steps" for the project. If you are taking the PSY 193 or 194 course (Research Apprenticeship courses at MSMU/earning course credit for being part of the lab), then you will submit journal entries (in which I prompt you to reflect on any challenges you might be encountering in our lab), a log of your lab hours (so that I may hold you accountable to our agreed-upon lab commitment), and at the end of the term an APA-formatted poster, conference abstract, or the parts of the manuscript that you and I might have been working on that term. We also keep a Google Drive of the literature we are reading, notes, conference submissions, and more, which I will kindly ask that you help keep updated :)

If you have any questions about the duties of being a research assistant (e.g., if you are taking the PSY 193 or 194 course at MSMU) or about what it is like to conduct research in our lab, please don't hesitate to email me

Please download and complete this research asssistant application then

email it to Dr. Rojo at

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