Mia-cat and Noah (Noah was born New Year's Day 2021)

The absolute best two things about moving back to California (family & beach)

Extended family (too many to name :) )

Grandma's 80th birthday bash

December 2019

Malibu Beach

Sometime pre- COVID-19 Quarantine :-/ in 2020

Mama and Papa Rojo, and myself
My Wedding June 2020

More Austin, TX memories 

Drs. Justin Busch and Nicole Wen with Steven and I

Celebrating Master's Degree (left), and Ph.D. (middle and right)

More Conferencing!

Dr. Sofia Jimenez (CSU San Marcos) and myself

at Boston University Conference on Language Development 2015

Me and former labmate, Chantal Ramirez

at SRCD 2015

left to right: Dr. Claudia Cardoso-Martins (Federal University of Minas Gerais), Chantal Ramirez, Cathy Echols (UT Austin), and myself

left to right: Dr. Belem Lopez (UT Austin), Chantal Ramirez, Katarina Antolovic, myself, and Dr. Maria Mercedes Arrendondo

at ISB in Ireland, 2017

Dolly P. Rojo

Department of Psychology

Mount Saint Mary's University

12001 Chalon Road

Los Angeles, CA 90049