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Dolly P. Rojo, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Mount Saint Mary's University 
in Los Angeles

contact me at

What's new?

I'll be submitting an abstract for presentation at WPA 2024 (findings on a recently implemented pedagogical approach). I hope to see y'all there :)


Drs. Jen Clegg, Katie Warnell (both at Texas State University in San Marcos), and I will be leading a pre-conference event at CDS 2024 ( about research at non-R1 institutions).

I hope to see y'all there :)

In Spring 2023, my students and I were privileged to present at the following three conferences:

Ana Munoz Constantino and I presenting at WPA,
Spring 2023, in Riverside, CA
Ana Munoz Constantino, Jocelyn Valles and I presenting at SRCD 2023
Salt Lake City, UT
Research Interests: social and cognitive factors of bilingual language development, word learning, preschool-aged children, non-native language exposure, development of metalinguistic skills

More recent curiosities, often led by my student-researchers: implicit biases in college-course evaluations (e.g., how might instructor's attire or use of slang impact course ratings?). How do parenting styles impact children's autonomy?
Andrea Bernal, Andrea Cortave, and I presenting at WPA 2022
Portland, OR
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